Car Alarms Systems at DC Audio

Your car gets you from Point A to Point B and many places we go are too far a distance to walk or bike. Needless to say, it would be a huge inconvenience to have your car stolen. It can also be pricey to replace a fancy car stereo system or any personal items you leave in your vehicle. This is why car alarm systems are so popular. The price you pay upfront to have it installed is well worth it, especially if your warranty is coming up on your vehicle.


Even though car alarm systems are great for security, sometimes there is need for repair like if it goes off annoyingly even when someone is not near your car or by pressing a different button. With your car alarm remote, you may need carbon discs moved around or replaced. Our specialists are trained to do the following work: BCM handshake, body control module repair or replacement, ECU testing and repair, factory immobilizer repair and replacement, and aftermarket car alarm removal and installation.


You want a professional that can handle mechanics and electrical work that may be involved in extensive car alarm systems, so call us today to get us started on installing or repairing your car security system.



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